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The new ENERCON 4 MW platform
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ENERCON4 MW platform

Smart. Efficient. Powerful.

The new ENERCON 4 MW platform combines innovative technology and intelligent modular design for more efficiency and reliability. Result: Maximum quietness, low noise and reduction of project lead times thanks to process optimisations in production, logistics and assembly.

Explore the new E-126 EP4
4,200 kW
127 m
159 m


  • Innovative aerodynamic design boostsefficiency
  • Maximum runningsmoothness
  • Minimisedsoundemission
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Modularnacelle design
  • Outstanding gridproperties
  • Optimised forproduction, transport and assembly
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Average wind speed per year
Wind power plant
04 Stk.
CO2savings in tonnes